Bangladeshi News Paper Prothom Alo posts Funny Ad of Indian Cricket Team

Prathom alo ad

Recently after the disastorous series loss in Bangladesh,a Bangladeshi News Paper Prothom Alo posts Funny Ad of Indian Cricket Team.With the Man of the series Mustafizur Rahman posing with a blade on top and seven indian players who are being shown half shaven on the head by the bowler.The seven players include Dhoni, Kohli, Rahane, Rohit, Ashwin, Jadeja and shikhar dhawan.This shows the lack of sportsmanship by bangladeshi media.The news became viral and grabbed the attention of lot of cricket lovers all over the world.Bangladesh might have won the series but they have extended their excitement too far.The incident took place on June 29 of last month.

If translated in english the upper part shows “Tiger Stationary” Bangladeshi made Mustafizur cutter is available here(Stadium market,Mirpur,Dhaka) and the bottom part shows the Indian players saying “we have used it,its your turn”.This type of posts will definitely reveal the bad intentions of Bangladeshi media as half-shaven heads are traditionally accounted as a sign of humiliation and an ad like this being carried by a renowned publication is in Bad taste.This ad is something that might add fuel to the newborn rivalry between the two nations interms of cricket.Indian media had never insulted bangladeshi cricket team though they lost every match they play before the series.The post has gone viral on social media and fans of both the teams have seen quarrrelling.Many people have seen taking this post light saying that if we expected pakistan and a dozen other nations to take the Mauka Mauka world cup campaign in good humour then definitely,we should also take Prothom Alo’s cutter dig in a equally light manner.If we make fun of someone then we should also be ready to receive the mocking by others. Bangladeshi played well and they deserved the series win.But soon the tables will turn around for them too.