List of Dams in India

List of dams

List of Dams in India is what we are going to share this day on our portal.We have researched and collected a list of about 50 dams and are going to share the list with you.The next time if asked about any particular dam and its location in a competitive exam then don’t forget to give the right answer.

Here is the List of Dams :

1 Tehri Dam Bhagirathi 260.5 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Uttarakhand
2 Lakhwar Dam Yamuna 204 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Uttarakhand
3 Idukki (Eb)/Idukki Arch Dam Periyar 169 Hydroelectric Kerala
4 Bhakra Dam Satluj 167.64 Hydroelectric,Irrigation,Recreation Himachal Pradesh
5 Pakal Dul Dam Marusudar 167 Hydroelectric Jammu & Kashmir
6 Sardar Sarover Gujarat Dam Narmada 163 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Gujarat
7 Srisailam (N.S.R.S.P) Dam Krishna 145 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Telangana
8 Ranjit Sagar Dam Ravi 145 Flood Control,Hydroelectric,Irrigation Punjab
9 Baglihar Dam Chenab 143 Hydroelectric Jammu & Kashmir
10 Chemera I Dam Ravi 140 Hydroelectric Himachal Pradesh
11 Cheruthoni (Eb) Dam Cheruthoni 138.38 Hydroelectric Kerala
12 Pong Dam Beas 132.59 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Himachal Pradesh
13 Jamrani Dam Gola 130.6 Irrigation Uttarakhand
14 Subansiri Lower HE (Nhpc) Dam Subansiri 130 Hydroelectric Arunachal Pradesh
15 Ramganga Dam Ramganga 127.5 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Uttarakhand
16 Nagarjuna Sagar Dam Krishna 124.66 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Telangana
17 Kakki (Eb) Dam Kakki 116.13 Hydroelectric Kerala
18 Nagi Dam Nagi 113.5 Irrigation Bihar
19 Salal (Rockfill And Concrete ) Dam Chenab 113 Hydroelectric Jammu & Kashmir
20 Lakhya Dam Lakhya hole 108 Water Storage Karnataka
21 Sholayar Dam Sholayar 105.16 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Tamil Nadu
22 Koyna Dam Koyna 103.02 Hydroelectric Maharashtra
23 Idamalayar (Eb) Dam Idamalayar 102 Hydroelectric Kerala
24 Supa Dam Kali Nadi 101 Hydroelectric Karnataka
25 Karjan Dam Karjan 100 Irrigation Gujarat
26 Kulamavu (Eb) Dam Kilivillithode 100 Hydroelectric Kerala
27 Koteshwar Dam Bhagirathi 97.5 Hydroelectric Uttarakhand
28 Lower : PPSP Dam Kumari 95 Hydroelectric,Irrigation West Bengal
29 Doyang Hep Dam Doyang 92 Hydroelectric,Water Storage Nagaland
30 Rihand Dam Rihand 91.46 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Uttar Pradesh
31 Indira Sagar (NHDC) Dam Narmada 91.4 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Madhya Pradesh
32 Warna Dam Varna 88.8 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Maharashtra
33 Bhatsa Dam Bhatsa and chorna 88.5 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Maharashtra
34 Pillur Dam Bhavani 88 Hydroelectric Tamil Nadu
35 Upper Kodayar Dam Kodayar 88 Hydroelectric Tamil Nadu
36 Minimata (Hasdeo) Bango Dam Hasdeo 87 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Chhattisgarh
37 Jakham Main Dam Jakham (mahi) 87 Irrigation Rajasthan
38 Teesta -V (NHPC) Dam Teesta 86.8 Hydroelectric Sikkim
39 Lower Ghatghar Dam 86.14 Hydroelectric Maharashtra
40 Kallada (Parappar) (Id) Dam Kallada 85.35 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Kerala
41 Madupetty (Eb) Dam Palar 85.34 Hydroelectric Kerala
42 Parbati II Dam Parbati 85 Hydroelectric Himachal Pradesh
43 Chakra Dam Chakra 84 Irrigation Karnataka
44 Bandardhara Dam Paravara 82.35 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Maharashtra
45 Lower Vaitarna Dam Vaitarna 82 Water Storage Maharashtra
46 Ukai Dam Tapi 81 Flood Control,Hydroelectric,Irrigation Gujarat
47 Upper Aliyar Dam Aliyar 81 Hydroelectric Tamil Nadu
48 Aruna Dam Aruna 80.41 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Maharashtra
49 Upper Bhavani Dam Bhavani 80 Hydroelectric Tamil Nadu
50 Podagada Dam Podagada 77.5 Hydroelectric,Irrigation Odisha


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This list of dams has been represented in the descending order of their height. We hasn’t included the storage and other features in this list. We will keep updating this post and add  some other major dams that are not covered in this list.Keep visiting this post to get updated.Here is a small video regarding the top 5 biggest dams in India.

Credit to the Indian Tourist for creating awesome video which shows the top 15 biggest dams in India. There are other videos that have been published on youtube regarding the list of dams in India.You can simply login and watch those videos for better understanding.Its been long time since we had posted an article in aptitude and reasoning.We ask your apologies.Do share this list of dams with your friends and help them.Thank you.