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50 Countries that you Travel without VISA as Indian Passport Holder

Hey Hi,

Do you love to Travel in Holidays, if u say yes,here i got something new news for you all, so keep reading until last para and share this article to know others who like to travel more, like places and sightseeing places and many more……50 Countries that you Travel without VISA as Indian Passport Holder

Do you, people from foreign countries like the USA, Australia, England, and some of countries do not need VISA to travel the most of countries and countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan faces lot of problems to travel other countries but Indians are now in middle, they can travel 50-58 countries in world with out visa, here sounds good for who loves to travel more for sightseeing places and for the honeymoon couples.

For this countries wants “Indian Passport” from traveller. Here we will list out the countries which allows places for sightseeing in their respective countries without VISA.inside-passport


We will list the 50 countries, We thought That you all have a Question in your mind “which country is the best to visit for sightseeing places???”, For you all we selected top 10 beautiful places in those 50 countries which you can travel without VISA.


In the top 10 list we introduce first country as “HONG KONG“, This is the British colony located in EasternCHINA, In this British colony you can talk Chinees and English and there are many places to visit in that Hong Kong is Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Lantau Island, Ngong Ping 360, Man Mo Temple this are most popular Places in Hong kong.

2. Indonesia

Second in the list “INDONESIA” is the one of the volcanic island and it is located in Southeast Asian, It’s popularly known for its beaches and Gamelan music and Traditional puppetry. Places to visit in Indonesia—->Bali, Jakarta, Ubud MonkeyForest, Borobudur, Pura Luhur Uluwatu.

3. Macau

“Macau” is Macau is a small peninsula in mainland China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. Most of the cities from china allows to travel for sightseeing and the Macau is most beautiful Place to visit and when Macau is our mind One of its more striking landmarks is 338m-high Macau Tower. Places to visit in Macau—–>Ruins of St. Paul’s, Senado Square, A‑Ma Temple, Fortaleza do Monte, Macau Tower.

4. Antarctica

Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole. If you all love to live in cool area for few days, antarctica is the best place to visit in holidays. It’s known for the Lemaire Channel and Paradise Harbor, striking, iceberg-flanked passageways, and Port Lockroy, a former British research station turned museum.

5. Thailand

Thailand” is a country on Southeast Asia’s Indochina peninsula known for tropical beaches, this country most and popularly known to every one Places to visit in Thailand——>Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Jim Thompson House.

6. Nepal

Nepal“, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country located in South Asia. Nepal has good looking sightseeing places to visit and it is too near to India comparing to other countries. Places to visit in Nepal ——>Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath, swayambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Thamel.

7. South Korea (Jeju Province)

Jeju Province” popularly known as jegu, it is a South Korean island. Striking point in Jeju is Hallasan Mountain, a dormant volcano visible throughout the island. Places to visit in Jeju ——>Hallasan, Jeongbang Waterfall, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, jeju folklore and natural history museum.

8.  Iraq (Basra)

“Basra” is the capital of Basra Governorate, located on the Shatt al-Arab river in southern Iraq between Kuwait and Iran. Basrah is the another name of Basra. Places to visit in Basra —–>The old mosque of Basra, Sinbad Island, Palm tree forests.

9. Cape Verde

“Cape Verde” is an african country and cape verde is also named as Cabo Verde this city located near to ocean so you can see many beaches in this city and having many sightseeing places Places to visit in  Cape Verde——>Pico do Fogo, Santa Isabel, Palácio do Povo.

10. Laos

Finally in top 10 is “Laos” is Beautiful place for mountains and Laos is the Asian country and popularly know for known for its mountainous terrain, French colonial architecture, hill tribe settlements and Buddhist monasteries. Places to visit in Laos ——>Pha That Luang, Wat Si Saket, Vat Phou, Patuxai, Wat Xieng Thong.

  • Remaining 40 Countries in Below List

1. Bhutan

2. Ecuador

3. Seychelles

4. FYRO Macedonia

5. Svalbard

6. Dominica

7. Grenada

8. Haiti

9. Jamaica

10. Montserrat

11. St. Kitts & Nevis

12. St. Vincent & Grenadines

13. Trinidad & Tobago

14. Turks & Caicos Islands

15. British Virgin Islands

16. El Salvador

17. Tuvalu

18. Cook Islands

19. Fiji

20. Micronesia

21. Niue

22. Samoa

23. Vanuatu

24. Cambodia

25. Timor Leste

26. Jordan

27. Comoros Islands

28. Maldives

29. Mauritius

30. Djibouti

31. Ethiopia

32. Gambia

33. Guinea-Bissau

34. Kenya

35. Madagascar

36. Mozambique

37. Sao Tome & Principe

38. Tanzania

39. Togo

40. Uganda

  • Gallery of sightseeing places in top 10 countries listed above

India’s first municipal to provide free wi-fi access all across town

A small town name malappuram is all set to provide Free wi-fi access all across town, the small town is located in kerala is not a famous for any sectors now the town became india’s first municipality to provide free wifi.

The project is implemented by IT Mission with the help of BSNL. The municipality offices and premises will start getting free wifi connectivity from July.

Notification From SSC : SSC Stenographer Recruitment 2015

The government provides this free access for all 68,000 residents of Malappuram Municipality in Malappuram district, after the total project finished. meanwhile the government implemented first phase for 2,500 people with their passwords.

The project was partially funded by the State IT Department granting Rs.50 lakh and another Rs.95 lakhs were raised by the Municipality itself, to meet initial costs.

The service will be initially limited to the twin towns of Downhill and Uphill, and then expanded to cover the whole municipal area. As many as 17 high-power antennae have been erected along the 21-km roads within the municipal limits.

Bangladeshi News Paper Prothom Alo posts Funny Ad of Indian Cricket Team

Recently after the disastorous series loss in Bangladesh,a Bangladeshi News Paper Prothom Alo posts Funny Ad of Indian Cricket Team.With the Man of the series Mustafizur Rahman posing with a blade on top and seven indian players who are being shown half shaven on the head by the bowler.The seven players include Dhoni, Kohli, Rahane, Rohit, Ashwin, Jadeja and shikhar dhawan.This shows the lack of sportsmanship by bangladeshi media.The news became viral and grabbed the attention of lot of cricket lovers all over the world.Bangladesh might have won the series but they have extended their excitement too far.The incident took place on June 29 of last month.

If translated in english the upper part shows “Tiger Stationary” Bangladeshi made Mustafizur cutter is available here(Stadium market,Mirpur,Dhaka) and the bottom part shows the Indian players saying “we have used it,its your turn”.This type of posts will definitely reveal the bad intentions of Bangladeshi media as half-shaven heads are traditionally accounted as a sign of humiliation and an ad like this being carried by a renowned publication is in Bad taste.This ad is something that might add fuel to the newborn rivalry between the two nations interms of cricket.Indian media had never insulted bangladeshi cricket team though they lost every match they play before the series.The post has gone viral on social media and fans of both the teams have seen quarrrelling.Many people have seen taking this post light saying that if we expected pakistan and a dozen other nations to take the Mauka Mauka world cup campaign in good humour then definitely,we should also take Prothom Alo’s cutter dig in a equally light manner.If we make fun of someone then we should also be ready to receive the mocking by others. Bangladeshi played well and they deserved the series win.But soon the tables will turn around for them too.

AIDS can be completely cured now ! Surprised !

Do you know that AIDS can be completely cured now ! Surprised ! The news of cure for dreadful diseases like Ebola, Mers, Sars and HIV/AIDS by North Korea has grabbed the attention of the entire world. North Korean Scientists claimed to have founded an amazing drug that can cure these dreadful diseases. As the diseases are attached to the immune system of a human body, the scientists have discovered a wonder drug from Ginseng. The drug has been developed in the Korean Pugang pharmaceutic company. The director of the company Dr. Jon Sung Hun said that the injection has been made from the extracts of complex compounds that are obtained by the insertion Rare Earth Elements (REE) into the Ginseng (Insam) by applying the micro fertilizers of REE to the Ginseng.

                       The drug being injected directly into the patient’s bloodstream is named as KUMDANG – 2, will be available soon to the world markets by distributor based in Moscow. Scientists say that the drug can prevent different malignant diseases also. While Ginseng is a slow growing perennial plant with fleshy roots found in North America and Eastern Asia. North Korean government has Closed the gates for the foreigners in-order to prevent the spread of Ebola which is considered to be the strictest controls all over the world. Even though no cases of Ebola were reported in and around the boundaries of the state, North Korea has lifted the restrictions later this year. The news of invention of the drug which can cure these dreadful diseases was announced by the Korean Central News Agency which updates the world about the events with in the country. But there is no proof for the efficiency of the drug that has been provided by the Korean government.

Its time to boost confidence of HIV/AIDS affected victims to light a hope of faith and help them to fight against it by spreading this news. Lets pray for their well being and hope for the best…. Awaiting for this life saving drug to be successful in penetrating world market with affordable price.


How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

Now-a-days computer has become integral and vital part in our daily routine. Every task that we perform in a day however in some way has to be related to a computer. In context to it, proper and efficient functioning of computers have become a key role to meet our requirements. However some of the built-in default features programmed by the Computer manufacturers are a bit annoying and creates some mess for proper visualization on screen. Start-Up Programs are one of such kind which are in turn a set of different applications designed to run on starting of the computer by default. Allowing these files to run on Start-up always effects the performance of the Computer. And today we look out for possible remedies to overcome this problem.

Most of the applications are designed to start automatically on boot up. We have certain options available to disable such applications. Let us have a look on these apps:

  1. These Startup programs are actually present in the System Configuration folder. We can access it simply by Start Button – Control Panel option.

  1. After entering into Control Panel, Click on System and Security

  1. Click Administrative tools

  1. In those Administrative tools you can find System Configuration

If you feel all this process is time consuming, there is another process for accessing System Configuration using Command prompt. Let us a have a look on it.

  1. Click on the Start Button and type as msconfig in Search Files search bar.

  1. It directs you to System Configuration Block and click on Start Up tab in it.

  1. It shows all the Programs that are installed on your computer and the programs which can accessed on the startup. Whichever program is already loading on start up is indicated by the check box. Click on the check box of the application that you wouldn’t need on Startup.

We can also disable or enable all the applications by single Click. If you want all the programs to be loaded on Startup, click on Enable All to enable it.

  1. For example, I don’t want Windows Live Messenger to be loaded on the Startup. So I have disabled it by clicking the check box right beside it. And Click Apply to take that action after your next reboot.


  1. Click OK and you will receive a dialog box informing you about to restart the System.

  1. On restart, you can observe the difference between before and after of the Windows Live Messenger on start up.

This is how we perform Startup programs enable/disable using the system Configuration. However this problem can be resolved while installing the particular application. Most of the users don’t bother these settings while installing the application, as they clearly mention that “Add the particular program to Startup”. By default the check box is clicked to add the program to startup. We have to disable that check box right at the time of installing so that we have no more performance issues with the Machine.

Hope this article help you to get rid of annoying options from your startup menu!

Two ways to unlock the pattern lock of a samsung mobile

Samsung is the number one selling brand with a wide variety of models in the mobile market. Over a decade Samsung company has designed and sold lot of models in the name of galaxy that contains lot of features for the users. One among them is the pattern lock feature, which enables the owner to secure the phone access from others. What if you forgot your own pattern lock or has drawn it wrongly for 10 or more times? Here is the solution. Now i am going to reveal the two ways to unlock the pattern lock of a Samsung mobile.

First Method :

If you have ever forgot a pattern lock then follow this step.If you have added gmail account in your mobile then you can simply unlock the pattern lock by entering the gmail Id and its password.If you haven’t added gmail account to your mobile then u need to perform hard reset which is mentioned below.

Second Method :

Now if you are not able to unlock mobile with the first method,then you have to manually reset your mobile.All u need to do is follow these simple steps

  • Remove battery from your mobile and keep it for 30 secs.After that insert the battery again
  • First hold down Volume up button,then press home button and finally press power button
  • Hold volume + Home + Power all three buttons until the android logo appears on the screen.
  • Select recovery mode (asked for certain models) if not select wipe/delete partition or factory reset.
  • Select the option -> yes delete all user data.
  • Reboot the phone now.

Now your phone is ready to use. Hope you follow these two ways to unlock the pattern lock of a Samsung mobile. If you have any doubts regarding the pattern lock. Do comment down below or ask us on our Facebook page.

Tips to follow while giving an aptitude test

Hello guys,we are back with Tips to follow while giving an aptitude test.We have been asked a lot of times by our users on how to write or approach an aptitude test on our facebook page of aptitude and reasoning.Now here we are posting some useful tips to remember during an aptitude test.Tips to follow while giving an aptitude test

Get a watch on :

The first to remember is to get a watch on your hand while writing an exam.As each and every competitive exam will be conducted in a specific time range.Its better to have an idea of how much time is remaining while writing an exam.No body is permitted to proceed to answer after the time runs out.So its the first thing to get a watch while writing an exam.If you haven’t got a watch,buy now.

Be Cool and Don’t Panic :

Lot of people in the exam hall will feel nervous and try to panic on thinking of how will be the question paper.You should have positive attitude while approaching the exam.Just settle down on your seat and be cool thinking that however the question paper will come today you are going to answer all the questions correctly.Dont’ think of the result You just need to answer all the questions.This approach will let you stay focused while answering the questions.

Take Time :

When you are given the question paper in your hand,Don’t be in a hurry.Take a minute to have a look on how the question paper is and if its a bit tough then just relax and take a long breath.This may ease your tense to some extent.

Know your Strengths :

Each and everybody in this world has got thier own strengths and weakness. Its better to know in which topic you are good at and try to answer that topic first. Some people may be good at Mathematics,Some in General Knowledge,Some in English and some in Current affairs etc.Try to answer the topics first which you are good at .This may save your time and you can have ample time to think of other topics.

Check Once after you have finished :

After giving answers for all the questions just revise the answers once again.Check whether you have given any wrong answers and try to correct if any.Once you are sure enough that all the questions are answered correctly then only hand down the answer sheet to the observer.If you are not well prepared and dont know the answers correctly then you need to follow a trick which i am revealing now.

In many cases the competitive exams will be of multiple choice questions and the answer will be hidden in any one of the options given below there.All you have to do is substitue each and every choice in the question and try to cross check whether it fits the question or not.If you are sure that it fits and it may be the correct option then go for it.This trick may work or may not work sometimes.You have to decide on your own whether to go with the substitute or not.

Always remember one thing Practice makes a man Perfect

Practice daily and the success will be yours.So the next time while you are giving the exam don’t forget to follow the above mentioned things.

Salman Khan’s Hit and Run case Verdict.

Salman Khan’s Hit and Run case Verdict :

Bollywood Star Salman khan who has been convicted for Killing Noorullah khan and injuring five others who were sleeping at night on the pavements of mumbai has been termed Jail for a period of 5 years.The incident took place on september 2002 while salman khan got drunk and was returning home late night.It has been a long period of  13 years for the verdict to come out.During the Trail salman Khan argued that it was his driver who was driving the car then and not him.But the Judge said it was the star who was driving the car and was under the influence of Alcohal.

Turning Point in the case :

Ravinder Patil,a police constable who was appointed as Salman’s body gaurd on the day of incident september 27,2002 was assumed to be the Prime witness in this case.He was the first to call the police control room and lodge a complaint when the incident took place.In his witness patil said that Salman khan had ignored his advice of driving slow and had lost control over his car while taking a turn.The car had ran over the pavements and crashed the shutter of  american express bakery.On listening  huge sound,people started gathering at the incident and the accused ran away from the place.It was patil who showed his ID card saying that he was a police man and pacified the people.Later patil was sacked out of his duties and he died in 2007 with immense TB.

Latest News :

Bombay high court has suspended the 5 year jail sentence by the lower court,pending his appeal.Salman’s lawer says that he was given such a harsh sentence due to his celebrity status.On hearing the news people on social media got divided into two.Any how this time there is no jail for our superstar as he got bail in his hand.Salman Khan’s fans,relatives,near and dear ones were overwhelmed with joy on hearing the news.Let’s wait and see which turn the case might take.Drop your views in the form of comments below.




How to link Voter ID with Aadhar Card?

Don’t know How to link Voter ID with Aadhar Card? here are the three ways that can help you link your id card with aadhar card.With the introduction of Aadhar card for indian citizens lot of government and private organizations have asked their customers to link their aadhar card with the respective offices.These include banks,Corporate offices,etc.Now government of india has started to link the voter id with aadhar card now.You can link you voter id by the following ways.

  • Send sms to 08790499899  : 

You can link your voter Id by sending text SMS to the above number in the following format.


Usually Epic number refers to your voter Id number.

  • Call 1950 :

You can also link your voter Id by calling 1950 from 9 am to 5 pm on working days and just tell them your voter ID and Aadhaar number.They will do the process for u.

  • Link online :

In this online mode you have to link your aadhar card manually by following the below steps

  1. visit officil website of the chief electoral officer -> click here
  2. Enter your Voter ID number
  3. Enter your Adhaar card number
  4. Enter your mobile number and click on generate OTP.
  5. Now enter the OTP you got on your mobile and click validate.That’s it you have succesfully linked your voter Id with you Aadhar card.

If you got any doubts in linking your Aadhaar card do ask us in the comments section we will try to reply as soon as possible.Hope you have linked your aadhar card successfully.