Interview with Praveen Madipoju – CEO & Founder at Shukra Infotech Pvt ltd

Hello guys this is ghouse basha once again bringing you the interview of “Praveen Madipoju – Ceo & Founder at Shukra Infotech Pvt Ltd Hyderabad”

Me : First of all thank you sir for accepting our request and sharing your valuable time with us?

Praveen Madipoju : It’s my pleasure for the invite and I am happy to spend time to answer your questions for Interview

Me : How would you like to introduce yourself to our visitors? We would like to know your educational and Professional background?

Praveen Madipoju : A passionate tech geek who is on his way to reach his dream . I had done my Engineering in Electronics and Communications. But I never attended the classes, even though if I sit in the class I used sleep comfortably as I used to work all the night building my dream projects. Other than blogging I have few crazy friends where we used to build some robots and experiment on some electronics projects.

I started as a blogger on the blog TechzWorld which was quite successful, actually it has changed my life and with the earnings of that blog I could buy my first car. As time passed I faced some up’s and down’s but they taught me some practical lessons. So, I started providing some services like SEO, Computer hardware troubleshooting and etc.

Me :  What is Shukra InfoTech Pvt Ltd and your success stories with it?

Praveen Madipoju : Shukra InfoTech has started with the support of my friends regarding whom I have said in the beginning. When I was planning to start a company three of my friends and now my business partners Pranav, Sunil Shenoy & Pradeep Reddy had supported me and I could do this just because of them. We started Shukra just to make the life of mankind easier with the help of innovative ideas and creations. Now we are making a SIX figure turn over each month and growing very rapidly by building our unique projects and also by providing services like Robotics & Electronics, SEO & Web designing, Branding and Publicity.

Shukra Infotech Pvt ltd
Sunil shenoy on the right side of Praveen Madipoju and Pranav Bajoria on the left.

Now we are building some software and hardware modules which are completely made for the society and which will help them in their daily life. Now, the Shukra is a team of 13 members working immensely to build and support the next generation.

Me : What is the scope for Digital Marketing and Robotics in mere future?

Praveen Madipoju : India is the one of the emerging countries in the field of Digital Marketing as the use of internet and smartphones shifted the focus of businesses and consumers to the digital medium. This is creating the demand for Digital Marketing professionals and it is estimated that 1.5 lakh professionals will be required by the year 2016. When it comes to Robotics they play an important role in manufacturing industries. As we know recently our Government has launched ‘Make in India’, to craft india into a global manufacturing base. Revolutionizing health sector and disaster management are just two examples of the top of my head.

Me : While recruiting for a particular post in Shukra InfoTech, what qualities would you like to see in a candidate generally?

Praveen Madipoju : We just look for the passion towards the field for which they applied for. Even if we could find some passion towards any of the module we love take them into our company and happy to train in their interested field.

Me :  Any tips/suggestions for fresher’s who would like to start career in Digital Marketing and Robotics?

Praveen Madipoju : My only suggestion is that build your career only in the field which you are interested. Create a passion towards the field which you like to work. Most importantly I believe in focusing on specific thing which you want to be. Just make a decision and go for it, because if you are trying all the possibilities which are available for you, you will not have perfection in any of the fields. So just focus on one.

When it comes to career in Digital Marketing I just say it as “The Next Big Thing”. This is fast growing path as we know how the internet users are growing day by day. Even this Digital Marketing is very young and have lot of scope for people who love to be creative and who are not comfortable with coding. Robotics is completely different, all you need is passion but Robotics need complete knowledge of electronics to be successful in that. There are many career opportunities available in Robotics but improving the skill set required for that is very tough. But we make it easy with help of our training Robotics training module.

That’s all we have in the interview with Praveen Madipoju – Ceo & Founder at Shukra Infotech Pvt Ltd Hyderabad”.Hope you guys follow his valuable suggestions.If you got any doubts or queries do please comment down.



Interview with Gaurav Jaggi – CEO & Founder at DIGITAL HAWKS

Hello guys this is Ghouse basha bringing you an interview with “Gaurav Jaggi – Ceo & Founder at Digital Hawks”. Lets listen his journey of success in digital marketing in his own words.
Me : Thanks gaurav for accepting our request and sharing your valuable time with us?
Gaurav :  You’re welcome & since you have been very generous & nice with me last few weeks, I have no problems sharing time with you on an interview (including when you offered me your free SMS services to take :Blog with Jags” initiative forward)
Me : What are your childhood dreams and little about your family and professional background?


Gaurav :  Since my childhood I have always liked to explore & have fun. I didn’t have any specific dreams like being a doctor, or engineer etc etc.. though right now I dream to be a travelling businessman & have complete freedom of time, & money (be it business in any field). My professional background – yes I did an engineering course, so to say, but was never interested in it.
Me : As an entreprenuer when did you start your journey?
Gaurav :  In the first year of my engineering course, and since then have never looked back.
Me : What is DIgital Hawks and what do you people do there?
Gaurav :  Well, Digital Hawks is my digital marketing agency in which we offer services such as SEO, Social media marketing, Web design & development etc to clients all across the globe. I have got some good clients right now. Basically we provide some cut-throat advise & use modern technologies to help the online businesses grow & give stiff competition to others in their field.
Me : While recruiting for Digital Hawks,what qualities would u like to see in a candidate and as a Ceo,where would you like to stand with digital hawks after 10 years?
 Gaurav : Qualities in candidate – he should be trustworthy, hard working and young! After 10 years, I want to retire from all this and live life, do social work & whatever I enjoy. So probably any of my companies will run on auto pilot, if any! After 10 yrs, it has to be one of the best digital marketing agency at a global level.
Me : Any tips/suggestios for freshers who would like to start career in digital marketing?
 Gaurav : Well, learn by doing. Experience by making mistakes, and keep a network of right mentors/experienced professionals around you. Don’t take too much advises, and at the end of the day keep smiling, and be happy – that’s most important.
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