AIDS can be completely cured now ! Surprised !

Aids can be cured completely

Do you know that AIDS can be completely cured now ! Surprised ! The news of cure for dreadful diseases like Ebola, Mers, Sars and HIV/AIDS by North Korea has grabbed the attention of the entire world. North Korean Scientists claimed to have founded an amazing drug that can cure these dreadful diseases. As the diseases are attached to the immune system of a human body, the scientists have discovered a wonder drug from Ginseng. The drug has been developed in the Korean Pugang pharmaceutic company. The director of the company Dr. Jon Sung Hun said that the injection has been made from the extracts of complex compounds that are obtained by the insertion Rare Earth Elements (REE) into the Ginseng (Insam) by applying the micro fertilizers of REE to the Ginseng.

                       The drug being injected directly into the patient’s bloodstream is named as KUMDANG – 2, will be available soon to the world markets by distributor based in Moscow. Scientists say that the drug can prevent different malignant diseases also. While Ginseng is a slow growing perennial plant with fleshy roots found in North America and Eastern Asia. North Korean government has Closed the gates for the foreigners in-order to prevent the spread of Ebola which is considered to be the strictest controls all over the world. Even though no cases of Ebola were reported in and around the boundaries of the state, North Korea has lifted the restrictions later this year. The news of invention of the drug which can cure these dreadful diseases was announced by the Korean Central News Agency which updates the world about the events with in the country. But there is no proof for the efficiency of the drug that has been provided by the Korean government.

Its time to boost confidence of HIV/AIDS affected victims to light a hope of faith and help them to fight against it by spreading this news. Lets pray for their well being and hope for the best…. Awaiting for this life saving drug to be successful in penetrating world market with affordable price.