About us

  • Ghouse Basha K (Tech Head)

          Ghouse Basha is an engineer and a freelancer by profession. He completed his Bachelor of Technology from reputed college in Andhra Pradesh. His area of expertise lies in web/graphic designing and development. He is creative in his aspects of work assigned to him from micro level of expertise. He has worked for many corporate companies and has been productive up to the expectations of clients.

” If you want to succeed in your life, Start early or do it differently “

  • Lakkireddy Dileep Kumar Reddy (Research Analyst)

           Dilip is an engineer by profession has an incredible ability of ‘Never Give Up Attitude’ which helped him to develop his analytical problem solving skills. His expertise lies in C, C++, Core Java, public competitive exams quantitative problem solving analysis.

” Hard work Never Fails”

  • S Tipu Rahaman  – STR – (Head – Development & Training)

              STR is a Master graduate in technology, Trainer and Business developer by profession. His areas of expertise lie in a multitude field such as education, technology, HR & marketing. He conceptualizes, designs, and leads the team for the development of content. He has work experience with many corporate professionals.

 ” I will win  – not Immediately –  but Definitely “

A&R – Team vision:  To deliver concepts and basics of aptitude and reasoning to our website users by providing advanced innovative and creative learning solutions.